Admin users are able to manage internal users inside of ML Drawings.

Adding a new user

1. Select the Users tab on the left-side navigation menu

2.  Select the () button to add a new user

3. Fill out the user's information

Note: Select the Send E-Mail option to yes if you would like to send a welcome email.

4. Select the Add Role button to assign additional roles to the user if needed. For detailed information on how to manage roles, click HERE

5. Select any additional Admin Permissions that you would like to grant the user. 

Manage Users and Permissions - Allows the user access to the user's page and the ability to adjust user information and roles.

Manage Site Settings -  Allows the user to manage backend settings such as google sso, campuses, and buildings.

6. Click Save 

Editing a User

1. Select the icon next to the user

2. Update the user's information

3. Click Save

Note: The following message may appear if you use both MLW and MLD. "Please note that this change will also impact the settings on ML WorkOrders”