ML Drawings Users with the Administrator Permissions have the ability to create and edit existing Assets.


Creating a New Asset 


1. Select Assets > Assets from the left-side navigation menu.


2. Select the () button.


3. Fill out the information in the pop-up modal.





  • Asset Type: Select the asset type that best fits the asset being created.

  • Asset Name: This will automatically be filled out based on the asset type selected. However, it can be edited. The building abbreviation is used to define the auto-naming prefix for each unique asset record placed on a drawing that's associated with a building. The abbreviation can be adjusted under the building settings. 

  • Client Name: A specific name chosen by the district. When viewing a drawing, the asset name will display, or the client name will display based on the asset settings inside of ML Work Orders. Names will be searchable when annotating a drawing. 


           Please click HERE to learn more on this topic. 


  • Building: Select the building where the asset is located.


  • Space: Select the space where the asset is located.


Note: Other fields will be displayed, and this is dependent on the asset type. If these fields are incorrect, you can edit them on the Asset Types page. Please click HERE to learn more. 


4. Click Save

Editing an Existing Asset 

1. Select Assets > Assets from the left-side navigation menu.

2. Select the () button to edit an asset.

3. Edit the information needed.

4. Click Save.

Note: The following message may appear if you use both MLW and MLD. "Please note that this change will also impact the settings on ML WorkOrders”