When annotating a drawing the menu on the left-side will be beneficial for sorting and filtering. Please review the article below with information on how to use this menu to complete a drawing. 

Once the Annotation page is being viewed a menu will appear on the left side. From this menu you will be able to:

  • Adjust the default stamp size using the sliding scale
  • Filter for Systems
  • Filter for Subsystems
  • Filter stamps based on asset types
  • Switch to another drawing

Adjusting the Default Stamp Size for Assets

1. When viewing the annotation page select the slide bar at the top of the menu.

2. Drag the slider to your desired size.

Below is an example of two separate default sizes

Note: The stamp size can also be adjusted by dragging and pulling the blue dots in the picture above.

Filtering Asset Stamps

1. Select one or multiple Systems in the field.

Note: Any filtering done here is for the asset types on the left-side menu, and will NOT filter your drawing. 

Once a System has been selected the corresponding Subsystems will display since it is dependent on the System selection.

2. Select one or multiple Subsystems.

The following Asset Type stamps will be displayed below.

Note: The Hold Asset Type check box will hold your selection so the stamps do not need to be clicked for each placement

If you would like to view more information on Systems and Subsystems please view our Asset Types article HERE

Drawing Navigation

1. Select the drawing tab at the top of the menu.

2. Select out the fields as needed.

Campus: Select the campus where the drawing is being used

Building: Selecting the corresponding building. This will be filtered based on the campus selected

Floor: Select the floor of the drawing

Drawing: Select the drawing

The following drawing will then automatically load and display