Copying An Asset Stamp

Users can select an existing asset stamp. From there, they can copy all of the information except for the name and place another asset on a drawing. Please click HERE to learn more. 

In addition to this, there is now a message to Acknowledge you are copying an Asset Stamp.

Image Gallery Window

When a user clicks on an image that is inside of an Asset Stamp, if there are one or multiple images, it will display a gallery view. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Delete Asset Stamp Annotation

When a user clicks an Asset Stamp, there is now a delete button to delete that annotation. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Profile Setting Update

Users can update their profile settings and select their asset type preference is. Once that is done, those asset types will automatically display when viewing a drawing. Please click HERE to learn more.

Hold Filter Setting

When utilizing the annotation page, checking off the setting "Apply to all Drawings" will apply that filter to all drawings you view going forward. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Annotation Page Update

When viewing a drawing, the drawing name will now be listed at the top. 

Close Tool-Tip

When viewing an Asset Stamp or Space Stamp, there is an option to close the Tool-Tip. This will keep your previous selection selected while removing the modal. 

Placing a Space Stamp

Users can now choose between adding an Asset Stamp or a Space Stamp to a Drawing. Please click HERE to learn more.