Drawing Upload

The drawing upload process has been updated. There were fewer steps and PDFs can now be cropped and resized. In addition to this, selecting a building and floor when uploading a drawing will be required. 

Please click HERE to learn more. 

Drawing Flyout Menu

The Manage Drawings page has been updated to have a flyout menu for each drawing. Please click HERE  to learn more. 

Issue Stamps

A new type of stamp has been added to ML Drawings. Users can add Issue Stamps to a drawing. If connected to ML Work Orders, you can also link existing issues in ML Work Orders to a drawing. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Additional Filtering Sections

New filtering options have been added to the annotation page. This will help narrow down Assets, Spaces, and Issues. Please click HERE to learn more. 

Help Menu (Mobile Only)

Mobile users of ML Drawings will have access to a help option to take them to the ML Drawings Support Portal. 

Building Tooltip

When adding/editing a building there is now a tooltip under the abbreviation field to clarify where that will show.

Manage Spaces

The Manage Spaces page was updated to a Telerik Grid. This allows for easier sorting and filtering. Please click HERE  to learn more.